Thursday, 2 September 2010

Post #2001 - Hello, Dave.

So, yeah. I've been pretty darn busy. Firstly I spent some time down in my home town but not for long (Sorting out rent things, catching up with friends.) And since then I have been spending time with Cookie.B, watching a lot of new shows, as we hadn't seen each other in a week, which seems to be my limit.
I missed her so much that I promised to do a quick doodle of her, which much too long, but that is because she likes leaning over my shoulder, making squeaking noises. Very sweet, but distracting.

Here she is! I find the hardest thing to draw is her hair, but I've been doing it like this since I met her. She's such a funny girl, I don't think people would believe the insane things she does. I'm not so sure about this one, But it was only quick and Cookie likes it, so that's good.

Whilst I am here I will tell you a bit about my week. We have spent time watching some pretty amazing films, such as I know who killed me and Earth Girls are Easy.They were both shocking in very different ways. I know who killed me THOUGHT it was being clever but it ended up overdoing it so much, and with such a crappy twist it was laughable, and Lindsay Lohan is the perfectly cast for this film, awful and sleazy.

Now, Earth Girls are Easy is... indescribable. The cast were A Listers at the time, except Jim Carey, who was just starting his career. But Jeff Goldblum as the blue alien?! and not without mentioning the female lead was Gena Davis. I just hope they knew this film was going to be... well, it switches between a terribly recorded musical and a badly plotted romance with such an abrupt conclusion. I mean it was funny, but not the bits they planned to be. Films like this make my day, but my grasp on humanity fades more and more I watch them.


One last thing I wanted to show you was my second in the D&D characters I have created. Now technically I did this one first but I had just finished my druid by the time I decided to do the post, and I have been frankly letting this stuff pile up behind me. So here she is:

This is Cookie Buttons character, who currently has no name. But what I can tell you is that she is a halfling ranger, who dual weilds little axes and a crossbow. She has wonderlust and a taste for adventure, she is (as all halflings are) small (about 3-4 feet tall), enthusiastic, but a little quiet. I am not sure what her ultimate goal is, but neither does she.

Next post: Something else, maybe work stuff.


  1. I love my little picture so very much <3 and of course my halfling too :D

  2. I'm a cookie button reader, your illustration of her is adorable and spit on! Great job!

  3. Thank you very much, She's a grand dame but can be a tad difficult to draw, especially with the hair!