Friday, 20 January 2012

#00 - The Rebirthening

Well, I'm now an expert in abusing blogs, I mean I have a damn degree in it! But HEY Speaking of degrees; I am now on a degree course. BA(Hons)Narrative & Sequential Illustration with Oxford Brookes. I'm actually halfway through the first year now, but hey, now I have a surplus of work to post, right? Right.

We'll start with this:

This poster was my submission for a mundane object project. I sort of reverse engineered the hole thing by working on everything but leaving the actual object until last. I wouldn't suggest working like this, but if you're like me and once you have an idea you like so much it wont shift, no matter how hard you try, it can be pulled off.
Our Inspiration was to be drawn from posters created to inform or advise, I chose kitsch 50's - 60's adverts and gave them a playful/menacing twist, needless to say others worked on the same sorts of posters, it is in after all.

More to come, soon!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Escape from Minecraft

So, for the past few months I've been in the addicting world of Minecraft, that stuff is crazy. A lot's happened, but all on paper, and I'd rather not show you all that just yet.
One thing: HAIRCUT, so My hair is short again and this, (for some reason) has given me an urge to get my blog and my DeviantArt Account up to date! Crazy, huh?

Have some pokemon!


Expect more of me, punks!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Button time.

I have a new button for you all to add =]

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

#2:31 -mIrAcLeS

*Rustle rustle*

*dig dig dig*

PWAAAH, sorry, looks like I actually died for a few months, haha. I joke. But seriously, I did die back there.
So, what's up with you guys? huh, huh? AHA, I don't really care but se-- Okay, enough of that. HEY LOOK A PIKCHUR!!

This would be Morgan Benedict-Addison, courier vagabond extraordinaire! The main character of My upcoming comic (someday soon) comic! With the working title "WONDERLUST" isn't that just dandy? You bet yer hula hoops it is!

HERE'S A FUN GAME FOR YOU ALL: "Sort of like a caption contest... but not!! =D" (YES, that's the name of the game.) Here we have five faces, all Morgan. I want you to describe what's going on around him that's got him feeling the way he is,

- You needn't do one for each picture unless you really want to.

- The person with the top description will get one free doodle of their choice.

- Cookie button Can't enter, I'd like to see some phresh phaces posting all up on this thang!

- If it's a tie... well, then we'll see when we get there.

Good luck!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


So today's image is another old-ish one with a bit of catch-up news. A few weeks back I said I was starting a course cor comic book art, but sadly it was cancelled (due to lack of interest?!), but I am happy to announce I will be attending a day course in a few weeks time, Super fun times ahead!

This is one of the first images I ever created on illustrator, and one of my favourites, despite the little niggly rough bits. This was done during my old old job which was incredibly simple and as you can see I had enough time to draw during work hours, other than that it was solitaire or death by boredom.

Back to work for me!

Thursday, 28 October 2010


So it has been a long-ish time. But I have been working super hard on paper you guys, honest! So over the next few days I will be uploading some old work of mine starting with this:

This was done using adobe illustrator for a summer assignment for college, which was quite simply: draw four images showing what we did over the summer. This one is my favourite for many reasons but the main one being Moustaches = Great.

(I can't really grow one in twenty seconds... more like ten.)