Monday, 4 October 2010

Post #1008 - Mental Drought

So, it's been about three weeks of nothing, and that simply won't do! Reason being my scanner is being a jerk, also; the title of the post isn't strictly true, it's not the thought process that's the problem, it's getting it onto paper, but that will all be over soon!
After a trip to the art shop I discovered my local University has a course for comic book art, which I had to jump straight on to it! It will start next Monday and I have permission from work to only work half days on a Monday, which gives me a good hour to get there. It was £98 for a 10 week course, which is not bad (although it seems to be free for students.).

I really do hope this will pull my problems around and motivate me into putting all my ideas down for you all to see! I have so much to show you all and I really hope you'll enjoy it! I am currently juggling two stories at the moment, but I think I have that under control, one about the afterlife and another about a vagabond! And that's all you'll get out of me for now!

No real images to show this time round, so I feel perhaps a song for you all:

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