Thursday, 16 September 2010

Post #66- Comics I have:Recently read, am reading and want to read.

Currently going through a phase of cramming as much comic reading in as possible and obsessively wanting ones I can't quite afford at the moment, they all seem to be dark horse comics too, coincidence?

RECENTLY READ: Hellboy- The chained coffin & other stories - Mike Mignola

I would love to say Hellboy is one of my all time favourites, but I really can't live up to that, not with my meager collection of two books to my name. Firstly; the style is something else. The negative space and how perfectly suggestive the shapes are, you never struggle to figure it out. The flow is just right, and the motion is easily understood. As for the story: very simple at times. He goes out to find (and probably destroy) A to protect B (Usually a person or collection of people) but this isn't constant, and damned if it isn't cool seeing a stocky red demon shoot the most famous witch in Russia's eye out. The folklore the stories are based around are well researched and whatever can't be found the writer has improvised, quite well, too.

CURRENTLY READING: Transmopolitan - Warren Ellis

Only thirty-or so pages in, and have tried researching it as little as possible. Verdict so far is that it looks as if it's going to turn out for the best. By that I mean the main character's captivating enough and the story so far has not broken into any subplots about revenge etc. in sight. The Main character one Spider Jerusalem (Above) Has gone through a drastic change already, physically and seemingly mentally.
As a journalist I have hopes for a refreshingly reusable plot device, at least for the first few books, that is. It would get pretty stale if he did it again and again I can imagine, much like Scooby Doo did. BUT YES, HIGH HOPES ALL AROUND for this grittily satirical view of the denizens of the future!

WANT TO READ: The Goon - Eric Powell

Again, I haven't researched anything about this comic, apart from scoping the cover art and watching the teaser for the upcoming film (which I only knew about after looking for it online.). As far as I can tell, we're looking at a 20's-30's setting with robots, zombies, sea monsters... that sort of thing. The main character is a big lug aptly called "The Goon". He has a partner called Franky and they tend to bring the hurt on the baddies. There is nothing to dislike from that description as far as I'm concerned. Everything  I have seen style-wise is very nice and haven't really seen anything hope-crippling as of yet. Well... one thing: POSTAGE.
Being a British citizen I have a tad bit of trouble when it comes to shipping things from America, which seems to be one of three options:
1) - Buy from Amazon and wait up to four weeks for arrival, also it wont tell me what's in stock and what isn't.
2) - Buy from and pay less, but wait two months for one book, two weeks for another and two days for the third. I don't understand how they could not have officially released the second in the series (On but they have the first and the third? In fact they have all ten that I know of, except for the second one, which is released in November?? Sorry, but that's nuts.
3) - Buy it form America, which means cheaper books but very expensive shipping and import tax dealies, also, an indeterminable amount of time.

So there you go. Stuff.

Also, I feel I'm not contributing the (currently very small) community I'm in. Any tips, advice, pointers, or involvement would be grand!

Thanks all!

EDIT: Transmopolitan was DC and VERTIGO, sorry folks.


  1. have you read Y: The Last Man?
    its a good one..

    as well as Invincible if you like super hero comics

  2. I have heard good things about Y: The last man. It has a monkey in it right? and a lot to do with chromosomes?

  3. I wish I had money for comics! I want to get all the old Gotham Girls comics, ooh and Spiderman Loves Mary Jane.... unfortunately all my money magically transforms into dresses... c: